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Question: My daughter will be 3 next summer at which time I would to sign her up for soccer. A family member is interested in coaching her team. Could someone tell me how we go about getting in involved in this?

Answer: Volunteer Coaches can sign up using the same registration system as our players. All volunteers are required to upload a photo and have a background check completed. We recommend having your family member create their own account rather than be added onto your account. This way they can log into the system and communicate with the rest of the players.


Question: Are the 3 yr old and 7/8 yr old games the same time on sundays?

Answer: Our 3 year division plays at 1:30 on Sunday. Our 7/8 division (2nd & 3rd graders) can play at 1:20 or 2:30 on Sunday - the game time depends upon the team's schedule. Both division play at the Ronkonkoma Middle School.


Question: When are 3 year old practices?

Answer: The 3 year old division does not hold practice. Games are on Sunday at 1:30 and the first 25 minutes they practice with their team. Then they break for a 5 minute snack followed by a game vs. the opposing team.


Question: When are practices for division 4, division 5/6 and division 7/8?

Answer: Practices are determined by the coach of your son/daughters team. Prior to the season starting you will be contacted by the coach/assistant coach and they will let you know day and time of the one-hour practice. All practice are held at Ronkonkoma Middle School.


Question: I just registered my 3 year old son for the spring 2012 inhouse intramural division and wanted to know where to get the uniforms?


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